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What we do

An idea needs to be nourished.An idea needs support, guidance, resources and of course an opportunity to create a business value and social impact. IdeaEarth is a platform that connects the thinkers and the doers and establishes bonds that turns those ideas into products

Our Experts

Every Undertaking at IdeaEarth is overseen by an expert in that domain. Meet the people who make that possible


Upendra Namburi


Upendra Namburi is the Founder, ideaearth. A sales, marketing and digital leader with operational experience in payments, insurance, banking, loyalty and consumer goods. Passionate about innovation and digital. He has launched over 25 new products and set up 3 new business in his career spanning over two decades with global organizations. He is also a bestselling author and columnist.


Sheetal Choksi


Sheetal Choksi is a seasoned strategist and marketer. Naturally curious about people, their behaviour and what makes them tick. She has an accomplished career in client servicing, strategic planning, research, marketing and retail. Sheetal loves big ideas and has an extraordinary capability in leading projects to execution with a sharp eye for detail.


Samiran Ghosh


Samiran Ghosh is a technology leader and has worked with leading international organizations in executing their digital transformation strategy. He has helped organizations re-imagine and transform their customer engagements, employee experiences, business models and operations. He is a blockchain enthusiast a contributor to international journals, a visiting faculty and TEDx speaker.


Abhishek Sinha


Abhishek Sinha is passionate about digital. Product design, digital marketing and AI are the areas which excite this professional and serial entrepreneur who has worked extensively in healthtech, insurance and media. He loves solving problems and building platforms with technology.


Solomon Wheeler


Solomon Wheeler is a marketing, experience and brand professional who has undertaken ground breaking work in airlines, telecom and advertising. Has worked extensively in communication, campaign management, celebrity & influencer led campaigns, digital marketing, marketing automation and social media strategy.


Sonesh Prakash


Sonesh Prakash is a digital and marketing aficionado. Deep experience in sales and marketing spanning enterprise CRM software, media and HR solutions. Has worked extensively in website development, SEO, SEM and social media initiatives for brands in different domains. Content marketing, product management, crm and HRMS are areas in which has delivered breakthrough results. He is also an avid cartoonist.