Art & Robotics

Mar 19, 2019 in Consumer Robotics
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Creativity is perhaps the sole recluse of mankind, for a while at least :) Art and self expression, in any form, is refreshing! And, when machines stimulate that journey, it democratizes and makes it more universal in accessibility and form.

Italian architect Carlo Ratti, has created a robot which can draw on vertical surfaces. It's a unique approach to designing and implementing designs on walls. It's an Internet-connected writing robot which can draw and erase images on any flat surface - plaster, whiteboards or even glass! And yes, on walls as well!

Designs can be uploaded into the Scribdt app, or even real time data can be fed into it, to be reproduced in real time. Applications could include reproducing a Rembrandt on your living room wall, or changing the menu at the cafeteria or even transmitting meeting notes on whiteboards.

The possibilities and applications when machines collaborate, are purely limitless.

What could be more beautiful than the ability to replicate your child's artwork daily onto your living room wall!

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