Augmented Reality Dating

Apr 14, 2019 in Augmented Reality
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Real social connection (or rather the lack of it) is a deep issue facing the world today. The quest for companionship and partners of course is a large need and subset of it. As the Tinders of the world rake in millions helping people find partners, there are experiments underway which offer a glimpse into the future of partnering or dating?

Sendai’s BLUE LEAF CAFÉ, ran a limited-time event that using augmented reality to bring you a virtual dating partner. It was a Vocaloid singing sensation Hatsune Miku.

During the July '18 event, BLUE LEAF CAFÉ furnished the restaurant’s interior with all things Hatsune Miku and equipped tables with Lenovo smartphones. Customers could use these smartphones to make Hatsune Miku appear, and of course interact with them. 

An engaging and perhaps not so virtual experience after all?

Photo by Ana Francisconi on Unsplash

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