Blockchain for Good! A List of 73 Global Organizations working on social Impact with blockchain

Mar 01, 2019 in Blockchain Applications
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Slightly far (and thankfully so), away from the glamorous goals of decimating currencies and financial institutions, blockchain organizations have been silently working on deep impact social causes spanning Funding & Donations, The Environment, Food & Agriculture, Gender & Sexuality, Government, Healthcare & Medicine

The team at Breakermag has undertaken some great work in identifying and shortlisting a list of 75 organizations around the world who are using blockchain for social impact! 

Do read through them and check out the original work at Breakermag as well. And, as you review the critical and even heart wrenching causes these teams are working towards, do spend a moment to see you / your organizations could address some of these causes as well. 


I. Funding & Donations

Atix Labs
 Helping small social good enterprises gain access to (transparent) funding

Binance Charity FoundationBringing accountability to charitable donations

BitGive Foundation : Letting donors follow their bitcoin donations step-by-step

Blockchain4Humanity : Acting as an accelerator for blockchain projects that aim to affect social change

Disberse : Making it more efficient to send and receive funds between donors and aid organizations around the world

Fidelity Charitable : Letting people make charitable donations using bitcoin

GiftCoin : Letting charitable donors track how and when their money is spent

Ourmala : which offers yoga classes to refugees.

Giveth : Removing intermediaries from charitable giving

Pineapple Fund : Using bitcoin to fund multiple charitable organizations

Ripple for Good :  Supporting organizations that increase global financial inclusion

RootProject : Creating a decentralized community around crowdfunding

Sustainability International/Sela :  Fostering communication among stakeholders to keep track of project finances

The Giving Block : Helping nonprofits receive cryptocurrency donations/working with blockchain-related nonprofits

XRP Tip Bot Rewarding content creators and commenters on social platforms Twitter, Reddit, and Discord


II. Environment

BitlumensDistributing solar power in areas without access to power grids

Blockchain Climate InstituteRaising awareness of and developing blockchain solutions problems stemming from climate change

Brooklyn Microgrid :  Developing a locally powered clean energy microgrid in Brooklyn

EcochainHelping companies track their environmental footprints

Electron Using decentralized technologies to increase energy efficiency

Fishcoin Tracking the supply chain of caught fish; collecting data on ocean acidification

Grid Singularity Democratizing energy through an open source tech platform, incentivization system, and blockchain energy summit

Ixo FoundationTangibly and transparently measuring the impact of charitable donations

M-PAYG : Democratizing access to solar energy

Nori : Reversing climate change by incentivizing carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere

Power Ledger Providing low-cost, renewable energy worldwide

SOLShare : Delivering solar power to low income rural communities, beginning in Bangladesh

SolarCoin Incentivizing people to produce/use solar energy


III. Food and agriculture

AgriDigital : Facilitating supply chain management for farmers and storage operators

Bext360Bringing accountability to supply chains for coffee, seafood, timber, and cotton

Coin22/Agri-WalletHelping smalltime farmers save, spend, and get paid responsibly and securely : Connecting the growers of sustainable, local food to wider markets; monitoring food safety

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative Promoting small-scale, sustainable farmers and bringing transparency to the food supply chain

Goodr Getting surplus food from grocery stores and restaurants to people who need it

Halotrade :  Bringing transparency to supply chains

ViantVerifying assets in the following sectors: oil and gas, healthcare, transportation, real estate, and education


IV. Gender and sexuality

Callisto Providing a way for survivors to create time-stamped records of their assaults and connecting them with legal services

CryptoChicks Helping women get into more leadership roles in blockchain and AI

LGBT TokenCreating an economic global community for people who identify as LGBTQ+

RTIFostering more timely, reliable, and secure reporting of domestic violence crimes

She(256):  Making the blockchain space more gender-inclusive

Vault:  Making it easier for employees to report workplace misconduct and companies to track it

Women in Blockchain: Providing a supportive space for women working in/learning about blockchain

Democracy Earth:  Decentralizing democracy

OSCity Addressing misappropriation of government funds

UtoPixar/Coinsence Creating platforms where community members can collaborate and make group decisions

Votem Making voting transparent, accessible, secure, and verifiable

V. Healthcare and medicine

Geneyx : Providing a genetic data platform to aid in research and drug development

KidnerMore effectively linking organ donors to patient matches

MediLedgerUsing blockchain tech to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and bring secure interoperability to medicine tracking

Prescrypto Providing a secure prescription platform for developing countries that consolidate user’s medical histories

VI. Government



Democracy Earth: Decentralizing democracy

OSCity Addressing misappropriation of government funds

UtoPixar/Coinsence  Creating platforms where community members can collaborate and make group decisions

Votem  Making voting transparent, accessible, secure, and verifiable


VII.Identity and banking

AID:Tech : Bringing transparency to payments—including donations, remittances, welfare, and aid funding

BanQu:  Providing the unbanked (often refugees and the extremely impoverished) with an economic identity (like a credit history)

BitLand:  Offering a blockchain-based land registry to those who don’t have official deeds to their land

BitPesa: Making business transactions cheaper, faster, and simpler between countries in Africa and markets in the rest of the world

ChromaWay/Postchain: Providing smart contracts for land registration

Circles: Creating and distributing a global Universal Basic Income

Civic : Verifying identities and preventing ID theft

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