Blood, Truth & RealTech?

Jun 01, 2019 in Advertising
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Essity had broken new ground when it had first launched it's blood normal campaign in 2017, to promote it's range of women's products. It had become the world's first brand to have depicted and portrayed blood in the context of women's periods! Yes, it happened for the first time only in 2017!

It's latest campaign 'Viva la vulva' has won the Black Pencil, at the London Based D&AD Festival. There's humour, science, fashion, drama and most importantly a genuine empathy which the brand has created in creating advocacy for it's brand and it's products.

It's been a wide collage of work including a 12 year old girl performing stand up comedy on periods and designer undergarments celebrating periods. It's not just about smiling gorgeous women going about their daily lives without the shame, stigma or social embarassment of blood being visible through their garments. It's a campaign which has broken boundaries, earlier considered unimaginable.

In reality, periods are still considered a shame and taboo even in educated well informed circles. There are no classical demographic and geographic divides here. It exists in the heart of Manhattan and the slums of Dharavi! And, here, lies the conundrum.

Why is it a challenge to state the obvious?

Why is it so difficult to state it as it is? &

Why is it even considered ground breaking, when it's just about stating the truth?

In reality, notions, superstitions and biases (there are over 175 known biases) are so ingrained within us and hence society at large, that even talking honestly without prejudice, in itself, needs to be celebrated?

Another campaign by Womanizer, which specializes in pleasure products for women, created a flutter. It may be considered cheeky and provocative, to the extent that they found it difficult to get approvals or locations for their hoardings!

It's difficult to imagine that the above hoarding is more provocative than so many more all of us have seen? Why is women's pleasure - taboo and men's not as much?

Women comprise more than 51% of the global population, and yet brands, organizations and people are still weak at the knees in being genuine and real? And, this phenomenon of being presumably real is a phenomenon not relegated to subjects of desire or periods or women. It extends across categories and continents effortlessly. It's no surprise that even being honest is quite a differentiation in itself these days.

When brands like Brandless emerge successfully and just merely state the truth, in a clean and transparent manner, it only amplifies the fact that there is a market for 'Real & Truthful'

As we come across terms like Femtech, Deeptech and Healthtech, is there a trillion dollar opportunity lying in RealTech?

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