Can Robots Help you Feel Touch?

Mar 19, 2019 in Consumer Robotics
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Now they can! The Shadow Robot Company has just achieved that! They have created the world’s first telerobot to transmit touch to the operator from around the world. The hand can sense everything your fingers could feel, including motion, vibration, force and even temperature!

'We can now deliver remote touch and dexterity for people to build on for applications like safeguarding people from hazardous tasks, or just doing a job without having to fly there! Rich Walker' – Managing Director of the Shadow Robot Company

The system integrates tech from Shadow Robot Company for the dexterous robotic hands, SynTouch (California) in tactile sensors, and HaptX (California) in realistic haptic feedback gloves.

The use cases span a wide array of situations where humans need to be or prefer to be distant from the object or experience. Managing materials in difficult environments is a clear area of use, followed by managing pharmaceuticals and other areas which require sterile environments. The third fun and interesting area is in immersive travel, where merged with AR, this can enhance the experience, allowing virtual tourists to perhaps feel the sand in a distant beach slipping through their hands!

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