Decoction, Great Times, Memories & Being Indian

Jun 09, 2019 in Food & Beverages
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


I was with Paritosh having breakfast in Bandra, Mumbai, when we came across the coffee decoction offering from Id Foods. Am a South Indian, neither an avid coffee afficianado nor a huge coffee drinker, but this was an instant pick me up for sure. And Paritosh followed suit as well. It was instantaneous. (And, last I checked his affinity with coffee lies in his stints in Bangalore.)

The word decoction, concocted vivid memories of piping hot coffee served in even hotter steel glasses, at roadside stalls across South India. The sheer aroma hit, just lingers with you forever. It's absolutely divine! It's one of the strongest senses to wow and impact consumers, and not used by too many brands outside of the food industry.

This got us into a stimulating conversation. Packaged foods have been around for a very long time, and why has it taken over 60 years post independence, to have a first serious product launch in the decoction segment? Perhaps, there may have been several attempts at this earlier, but then that presents the next question?

Why does it take a brand which started off by launching fabulous idli and vada brands to come up with a coffee decoction offering, when there are behemoth brands which exist in the coffee powder space? (Disclaimer - I'm a huge fan of Id Foods, hence may be partial as I write this)

What is it about incumbents and disruptors, where history seems to repeat itself much too often? Be it banking, insurance and now coffee, why?

There are such deep rooted tastes and beliefs which abound in India, which just need to be reconfigured, re-packaged and modernized? 

We are, and always will be a multi-cultural society. As Santosh Desai once said, we are like the thali. Plurality is what we relish and flourish in, and our Indianness is so deep rooted, that it shatters the myths & shackles of demographics and psychographics that we often find ourselves trapped in. 

There are billion dollar opportunities lying in kolhapuri slippers, Kanjeevaram silks, or just decoction coffee! Let's just open our minds and hearts and create offerings which are truly Indian. There's big bucks lying there, for those who are willing to back themselves.

Now, back to our decotion coffee and relishing being Indian!

Image from idfood website.

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