Deepfake, Dali, Malaria & David Beckham?

Apr 22, 2019 in Artificial Intelligence - Applications
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Deepfake is a technique which combines and superimposes images and videos onto target / source content. So, you could superimpose the image of a footballer onto a comedian! Deepfake, which has been in the news for all the perhaps wrong reasons, uses a machine learning technique called generative adversarial network (GAN). Hence artificial intelligence has been used to superimpose and create content which is...untrue or fake!

It's however refreshing to see this amazing technique for some wonderful applications. David Beckham was cast in Malaria Must Die campaign, where he encourages people to sign a voice petition. The football star is shown speaking nine languages, where the deepfake technique was used to sync his lips with the languages being spoken.

Another interesting example is The Dalí Museum, Florida, which utilized machine learning, allowing visitors to be taken on a video tour by Dali himself. The algorithm was fed existing archival footage of the surrealist painter which was then superimposed onto an actor who had enacted the video.

The opportunities for brands and organizations to leverage deepfake for immersive and raidcally powerful experiences is phenomenal. Though the backlash of porn rehashes and celebrity mashups has placed the term deepfake in poor light, it is a powerful method to tell stories and ignite imaginations!

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