Epiwear - A syringe which can be worn as a watch - The Future of Emergency Wrist Wear?

May 26, 2019 in Health & Wellness
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


The wrists have become accustomed to watches, health bands and other smart devices. Things which measure, warn, stimulate or even just adorn. Devices  which listen to sounds and alert individuals of events and danger have also been seen.

However, the opportunity of converting that habit of wearing around the wrist and utilizing that real estate to actually save lives with precise timely action, has perhaps been an area not ventured into as much. (With the exception of Scotty being beamed up in Star Trek or James Bond's watches perhaps) 

Allergic reactions are a very common issue faced by millions around the world. And, in severe cases, if not treated instantly, can even be life threatening. People suffering from severe allergic reactions have the option of carrying an epinephrine shot which can provide immediate results.

Here’s a ‘syringe’ watch designed by a team of students.

EpiWear wearable

Epipens can be carried either in bags or pockets, but quite often may not be accessible or people just forget carrying them. The students at Rice University have come up with a practical approach and called it the EpiWear.

Epiwear is equipped with a syringe, needle and a small dosage of epinephrine. In cases of emergency or need, the shot can be easily activated and delivered, saving precious moments of anxiety and severe allergic reaction.

EpiWear wearable prototype

It is currently a protype created using 3D printing and plastic materials. It’s at an early stage, but the students of Rice University have possibly defined a new approach for manufacturers around the world to innovate and introduce new design approaches. 

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