How're you feeling today? The Indigo Wellness Index

Mar 09, 2019 in Health & Wellness
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


The Indigo Wellness Index, covering over 150 counties, tracks the health and wellness development across ten key measures - Blood pressure, Blood glucose, obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, exercise, healthy life expectancy & government spending on healthcare

The Index is one of the first comprehensive global wellness indices to be published, covering over 150 countries, compared to the existing OECD index, which aggregates data from fewer than 50 countries. The Index draws on findings as diverse as the World Health Organisation, the World Happiness Report, and public health data.

Canada scores the highest followed by Iceland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The Nordic nations continue to perform exceptionally well across happiness, health, education and other quality of life parameters.

Both US and Japan are outside the top 25, drawn down by poor scores in obesity and blood pressure.

The report makes for an interesting read, offering a wide universal perspective on the state of health. More importantly, it lends itself to some interesting challenges. With increasing affluence, sharper reporting and measure of heath!

Read the report here!

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