Coke, Ideas & The Art of Persistence!

Apr 07, 2019 in Innovation
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


The Share A Coke Campaign is perhaps one of the most iconic brand campaigns of all times. First launched in Australia in 2011, the campaign allowed customers to have their name printed on personalized coke bottles.

It was a mammoth hit, and the sales outstripped demand exponentially. In the original campaign, the team researched out popular names to first introduce the bottles, and then evolved into customers ordering for bottles with their names custom printed on the labels.

The campaign has been rolled out across several countries and the features in the 2018 North American campaign, has the names printed on stickers which can be reused by customers. Social media has been integrated to enhance the quality of the experience with several experiential elements introduced including large booths for two to receive their bottles and share the moment on social media.

You can check out the latest avatar of the campaign in North America here.

What Did it Take?

Well, as for most innovative and great ideas, to become great, there is a lot of hard work. In this case, for the Australian team which first worked on it, involved a mammoth amount of work!

  • 5 Agencies Pitched
  • 1 Global Brand Exception
  • 25 Risk Assessment Meetings
  • 150 Submissions to Marketing Approval Committee
  • 4 weeks to find the machine
  • 225 Trademark searches to check name
  • 40 hours to get the colour right
  • 5,287 words ruled out
  • 303,669 POS Materials rolled out

Why is this Important?

There are conversations about incumbents and start ups. Of large organizations being stuck in bureaucratic hurdles. Of difficulties in challenging the norms in large firms. Well, the reality is, that it takes for persistence and a great team which will not stop till it's done, and right!

Happy innovating!

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