Innovative Uses of Facial Recognition

Mar 13, 2019 in Customer Success Management
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Facial Recognition is gaining traction. This is a quick glimpse of some global examples, and some will surprise you! :)

1. Smile for Chicken

KFC recently launched a facial recognition solution to allow Alipay app customers to make payments at their Hangzhou outlet in China. 

2. Lost your Pet?

The PiP alert app, allows owners of lost Pets to find and reunite! 

3. Smile for Cash!

The Spanish Bank, Caxia Bank, has installed ATMs with facial recognition capabilities, to authenticate customers. The application developed by Fujitsu and Facepi, can map over 16,000 unique points.

Automated Jaywalking Fines

Book Lending Libraries

4. Paying Hospital Bills

Terminals placed at the Jiangxi Provincial People's Hospital in China, allows patients to register and map their Alipay accounts within 10 seconds.

5. Present Maam!

The Tamil Nadu government has begun rolling out attendance systems using facial recognition! The teacher is required to take a group snap and the app would mark out the individual students!

6. Book a hotel room.

Yes. You guessed it. In China, Mariott has rolled out a feature for alipay customers to book their hotel rooms with facial recognition.

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