Japanese Innovation - A Glimpse into the Startups & The Problems they're solving

Apr 11, 2019 in Innovation
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Most of us would be familiar with Japanese brands in the electronics space. However the startup ecosystem is vibrant there and here we are highlighting some interesting problems they're solving and the teams behind them. Some of them are truly beautiful, and some you may just find bizarre. But they all offer a tremendous insight into the lives and minds of the Japanese.

1. DFree

The name represents 'Diaper Free' and it's a sensor connected to an app. The sensor itself uses two connected pieces and ultrasound to sense the changing size of your bladder. Once it reaches a customizable threshold, you can get a push notification telling you to head to the bathroom. 

The solution is targeted at adults suffering from incontinence.

2. Teplo 

A smart tea pot which brews tea basis your mental state! Users can select their tea variant, provide their heart rate data for Teplo via a mobile app. Teplo then adjusts brewing conditions based on the user's state and environment conditions. 

3. Bonyu

Breastmilk varies for every mother, influenced by lifestyle and other parameters. Bonyu helps measure the quality of the breastmilk, offers advise on nutrition, lifestyle and even supplements, to ensure the optimal quality of breastmilk for their children 

4. Hackfon

This was really cool, enabling analog phones to be used as a smart remote. Using their web interface, numbers dialed onto the analog phone could be connected to various IOT devices and machines. You could order pre-programmed items, send messages and even turn on lights. A great approach to bridge the divide for millions of households where consumers have a challenge accessing a smartphone.

5. Empath

Empath is Emotion AI, which identifies emotions from the voice in real-time regardless of language. It analyzes physical properties of the voice and detects joy, calm, anger and sorrow, in addition to an energy point. The applications are numerous including mood detection of employees or even in customer interactions at call centres.

You can integrate vocal emotion AI with your products and services using their sample codes. 

6. Toletta

For all the pet lovers, Toletta helps manage the health of your pet cats. By measuring the urine and other vital stats, the app based service allows both pets and pet owners to manage the health and wellness of their cats

7. The Unko Button

It's a gadget that lets you post on social media about your baby's bowel movements with just a push of a button. It's got two buttons. One for poo, the other for pee. Ok. What's the problem they're solving. Do let us know when you figure this out.

8. Mui

mui is a Japanese word which depicts a natural sense of mind

They have created natural wood interfaces, allowing you to control other digital devices and also display information! It's sheer elegance and beauty is what we all need. 

Title Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash

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