New Age Wearables

Mar 07, 2019 in Consumer Healthcare
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Wearables, for most are smart bands worn around the wrist to measure your steps taken and track exercises. The world of wearables has exploded far beyond. Glimpses of some amazing and even breathtaking breakthroughs outlined below:

1. Nanowear has developed a medical-grade textile ‘SimpleSense’ capable of capturing millions of signals on the skin. It can potentially offer biometric insights for a wide variety of medical conditions.

It’s currently focusing on congestive heart failure, monitoring ECG, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, & cardio-phonography to pre-empt medical conditions and emergencies

2. Thought controlled VR is what the team at Neurable is aiming for! It uses event-related potential (ERP) signals, which measure user response to stimuli.

It reads four emotions: valance (pleasure, displeasure), arousal (excitement), liking and dominance (how in control of the situation you feel).

3. Ava’s fertility tracking bracelet has announced 10,000 pregnancies from users of its fertility tracking bracelets! The bracelet, worn at night, detects the 5.3 days in a woman's menstrual cycle in which she is fertile.

It’s also working on solutions to track all the stages of a womens' "reproductive life", including getting to know their cycle, preventing pregnancy and entering menopause.

4. Embrlabs is an intelligent bracelet that lets you control how hot or cold you feel so that you can be more comfortable.


When you wash you hands in cold water in warm weather, or when you hold a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter night, gives you a comforting feeling of warmth? Well, embrlabs bracelets adopt the same principle, as it’s light bar sends across waves of heating or cooling when activated!

5. Temp tech tattoos put an end to misleading or gamed breathalyzers. The temp tech tattoos measure the alcohol in your blood in a non invasive way.


The printed tattoo paper generates an electronic board which contains a thin layer of gel. The gel induces sweat and an electrochemical sensor measures the alcohol. A smartphone will let you know via Bluetooth if it’s safe to drive home.

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