Outstanding Print Ads & Innovative Techniques

Mar 07, 2019 in Advertising
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


There are ads and then there are ads! These print ads are being presented for their ingenuity in technique and sheer creative prowess!

1. DHL - used a transparent separator, which when flipped shows the package being picked up and delivered to the customer. Simple, clean and delivers the message well!

2. Adidas fold line - One of my personal favourites. The central fold line of the magazine is used to emphasize the body part being exercised! 

3. Alzheimers! Two Great ads, with very different, yet amazing treatments!

4. Promoting Cycling - This one's from Argentina!


5. Ugly can be beautiful! 


6. Just Cheeky :)


7. Heinz Ketchup! The visual hits the taste buds....supremely!

8. For those headaches! - Want an aspirin :)...brought a smile instantly!

9. The London Marathon!

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