Robots Which Will Love & Humour You

Apr 18, 2019 in Consumer Robotics
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


One of the last bastions of humans has been the gift of love and emotions. Well, not for long. Consumer Robotics has been around for a while, but recent advances seem to be pushing the envelope closer towards the day when robots will both feel and emote with humans.

Kiki from Zoetic AI does quite a bit.  Powered by Zoetic’s Deep Learning Personality Engine, Kiki remembers everyone it has met, and builds a memory map of all the interactions. Every interaction you have with Kiki shapes it’s personality. And, it's personality keeps growing with more interactions and experiences it has with it's surroundings and of course humans.

Touch : Kiki can feel touch, as you stroke it around it's head, neck & body

Feed : Yes. you can draw doodles of food and even feed it to Kiki.

Dream : Kiki even dreams of it's moments with it's owners and the experiences it has had

Train : You can even train Kiki about what's good and bad and it will keep evolving.

Kiki can establish and constantly interact at a multi dimensional / sensory level, where communication just isn't verbal but non verbal as well.


The aim of the team behind Lovot is to create a robot that makes you happy.

On its head is a large camera that gives Lovot the spatial awareness it needs to roll around the room.  Lovot has a variety of touch-detecting sensors beneath its soft, cuddly surface. Being developed along the same lines as Kiki, but considering that this team is from Japan, curious to see how they evolve in their journey towards creating that ideal companion for children and adults

Liku is being developed in South Korea. Itr’s rather like Lovot, but possibly not as interesting.

AIchan and GONta

They are a pair of robots, which perform a manzai-style stand-up comedy act. Developed at Konan University, the robots to trade jokes on puns and wordplay, using an AI program to search online for information about a given theme or subject, and create almost spontaneous comedy routines from this data.

A laugh never could hurt anyone. Right?

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