The Human Dashboard!

Mar 31, 2019 in Customer Success Management
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


The long standing bane of corporations, governments, and annoyingly many social impact organizations is the dehumanization of the metric system!

Yes. Commercial Organizations exist for profit, but metrics often make us lose sight of the end customers & consumers we serve, and this in the most 'consumer centric' organizations as well.

When metrics connote only numbers, the personnel working within the organization, lose sight of the purpose and the broader vision with which most organizations were created! 

1. Loss Ratios in Insurance : Mostly defined as the value of losses to the insurance premium collected. It's also about the number of people you've helped in times of need! It's about the homes you've helped rebuild, the parents who were able to educate their children and the lives which were saved!

Yes. a loss ratio as the term indicates, is a loss to the P&L, but an immense amount of good came from it!

2. Delinquencies in Lending Business Lines : Yes. Customers who defaulted. Didn't pay their bills. It's also about professionals being laid off, houses being burnt down, failure of businesses or loss of loved ones. There's so much more to that single default.

3. Condoms sold : It's not just units sold. It's about the number of lives protected from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies!

4. Salaries Credited : It's not just about money being transferred, it's about making livelihoods possible, it's about meals on tables, lights in houses and safe homes for children.

Why is it Important to Humanize Metrics?

Most non customer facing professionals, working diligently across operations, finance, HR, legal, compliance, IT and other departments, rarely have the privilege of meeting the customers they serve. When claims settled are humanized with lives saved, there is a greater sensitivity and empathy towards their role and the importance of how well they execute their roles.

There is a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment, at the end of the days work and more importantly, when professionals are able to visualize their customers, they work that extra harder, to make it happen!

It's about connecting and synergizing with your corporate vision and translating it into 'numbers' which have heart and soul in them. 

Photo by Mara Ket on Unsplash

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