The List to Live For!

Feb 26, 2019 in Innovation
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


There are lists and then there are lists! Yes! The Fastcompany list of Most Innovative Companies is out! 

Rich in geographical diversity, variety and simplicity, it perhaps represents fairly well the state of commercial business model & product innovation today. 

From agriculture, to healthcare and transportation, it effortlessly straddles wide sets of technologies and platforms, enhancing the quality of life . The most fascinating dimension is the underlying theme of 'simplification' which is all pervasive. The attempt at enhancing empathy leveraging technology and the quest to amplify experiences is even inspiring at jaw dropping scale!

If you're in a rush and are looking for a rush, read the quick shot summary of the top 50 right here!

1. Meituan Dianping : facilitated a whopping 27.8 billion transactions spanning booking and delivery services

2. Grab - serveing over 130 million users

3. The NBA - democratizing basketball with its streaming service growing by 63%; 

4. The Walt Disney Company - launching its streaming service and a second front against Netflix

5. Stitch Fix - Proving the impossible possible, delivering kits of clothes to women, blending algorithmic and human curation

6. Sweetgreen - a restaurant chain bringing farm fresh food to the tables

7. Apeel Sciences - it's plant based coating, enhancing the life of fruits and vegetables

8. Square - with the introduction of the Square Terminal

9. Oatly - making milk from Pulverized Oats (Yes...what has the world come to?)

10. Twitch - redefining the future of live TV, blending elements of gaming and interaction

11. Target - with it's design lab incubating and nourishing great products for it's inhouse brands

12. Shopify - serving over 600,000 merchants and innovating with it's single click payments & AR tools to amplify the shopping experience

13. Anchor Free - with 100 million downloads, encrypting users' online activities

14. Peloton - with over 700 million users and thousands of hours of fitness video content and live streaming as well

15. Alibaba - with its Hema Xiansheng stores - a fabulous blend of physical & digital retail

16. Truepic - combating fake news, with a vengeance

17. Apple - the A12 Bionic chip with 6.9 billion transistors delivering faster performance, lower power consumption, and just sheer raw processing muscle 

18. Unity Technologies - successfully extended it's 3D gaming development platform to architecture, film & automative 

19. Dominos - with 30 quarters of same store sales growth and making digital work, big time!

20. Plaid - it's unique suite of APIs for the financial industry, connects the new world with the legacy systems

21. Universal - for adopting the new form and method of producing music and blockbusters in the digital world

22. Airtable - for its unique and empowering work flow systems

23. Lineage - for running being the behemoth in managing America's cold food chain

24. Kano - making kits allowing anyone to code and build computerized toys

25. Winc - a subscription wine service which makes wines basis 5 million customer ratings!

and lot's more!

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