The Unstoppable Resume

Mar 21, 2019 in Social Impact
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


For those affected by cancer, finding assignments or re-entering the workforce is hard. The white space / the period in which they are unemployed left by their disease can be a challenge.

A growing number of large and medium size organizations use recruiting software which exclude those profiles which show periods of inactivity, even if it’s for a period of convalescence, 

Cancer@work has launched a unique service ‘The Unstoppable Resume’ . By connecting to  with their LinkedIn account, this period of convalescence is filled with a text that contains the skills they developed during their fight against cancer. Written in white on white, this text invisible to the naked eye allows CVs generated via the platform to pass the filters of the recruiters' software. 

The white space is now replete with the challenges they’ve overcome and highlights their resilience in the process. This is a unique service, to beat the system, but it does highlight the biases and fears which lie deep within employers, in hiring those who are recovering or have recovered. 

People who have recovered from critical diseases have battled against all odds, they’ve demonstrated a spirit of courage and grit which is perhaps most needed in today's competitive world. 

The motivation and will to work and succeed is perhaps even greater amongst them, than those who have led more fortunate lives.

Time to take a relook at our hiring principles?

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