Top 10 Benefits Of A2 Milk For Fitness And Healthy Body

Jan 27, 2021 in Food & Beverages
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Urban Farms Milk is the premium most natural A2 milk from single sourced Gir cow’s farm and advanced dairy farm equipped with the finest and most advanced technology for milking cows and processing milk. True to its name, Urban Farms is a highly equipped farm which makes gir cow milk products of international standard..

“Drinking Milk makes you smart”. Smartness can lead any individual to a sharp glowing mind with a happy face, and ultimately a happy life ahead. The use of A2 milk can really ensure the good health because of its seamless benefits.

What A2 Milk is:

A2 milk generally refers to a variety of cow’s milk that lacks β-casein proteins called A1, instead has the mostly A2 form.

The milk is obtained from cows are feed with organic fodder grown on chemical-free soil. The milk is not injected with any kind of antibiotics and hormones. It qualifies as Pure Organic Milk.

Is A2 Organic Milk?                                           

Yes, A2 is organic milk. Cow milk is available in two types of beta-casein proteins. These proteins are A1 and A2, which differ from each other by a single amino acid. Dairy herds in Asia produce A2 milk. Indian breeds Gir and Desi cows are famous for giving best a2 milk.Urbanfarmsmilk provides organic  a2 milk in pune since 2015.

Benefits of A2 Milk for Fitness and Healthy Body:

1.         This milk is heavy with amino acids, which will fight with obesity, asthma, mental problems. Amino Fatty acid helps to improve body’s fitness and vitality.

2.         OMEGA, which is helpful in cleansing cholesterol.

3.         Calcium present in Gir cow’s milk is essential for bones growth development.

4.         Calcium present in this milk can also help to fight with Migraine & PMS.

5.         This milk protects the colon cells from the chemical, which lead to cancer.

6.         Gir cow’s milk is effective against arthritis

7.         As it is rich with vitamin b2 &b12, so it helps to produce red blood cells.

8.         Vitamin is needed for growth of mucosa & epithelial tissues.

9.         Potassium present in Gir cow’s milk is better for proper heart functioning, contraction of muscles, infection in ears and control kidney stone formation.

10.       It reduces chance of peptic ulcer.

Their are lots of benefits of a2 milk compared to being as healthy as a mother’s milk, the A2 milk contributes equally in building immunity. Urban Farms Milk is a well-known Desi Gir Breed Cows Farm in Pune.

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