What Business Leaders can learn from Toys?

May 21, 2019 in Innovation
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


Toys maketh a child maketh a man?!

The future is defined by the children, and if the emerging toys are a reflection of our future, then we are clearly in great hands. I set about exploring toys for my son and was curious to understand how tech and science is influencing the design of new age toys. Outlined below are some award winning toys, launched in recent times, which stand out with the contemporary subjects they are addressing and also the unique problem statements they are solving for children and parents alike. And, then there's so much we can all learn from these amazing innovations in product and service design.

Botley™ the Coding Robot Activity SetbotleyCoding is an essential skill for children, and Botley does just that, only this allows children as young as 5 years to learn to code! The design emphasis has moved away from display based teaching towards mechanical parts.

Children use coding cards, double-sided tiles and obstacles to building pieces. They can program robots to make it avoid obstacles , detect objects in their path and follow black lines to reach a specific point. They can also be programmed to perform in a loop. Surprisingly, there is no need for smartphones or tablets and everything is done on coding boards. 

Sensors AliveSensors Alive Bring Physics to LifeWe live in a world of sensors and this allows children to better understand the world of sensors. The sensor pods produce heat, light and sound and kids are required to tame the 3 animals with the sensors


This is perhaps the solution to every parents nightmare of having to buy so many vehicles for children as they advance from their early toddler years right to their teens. In this ingenious design, children and parents can design a variety of bikes, all from one single kit.The multiplicity of designs, allows significant utilitarian and learning value to children of all ages. 

Great Design Clues / Inspiration for Business Leader

1. Not everything needs an app or a screen? There are several customer segments who do not have access to or find it easy to operate tech interfaces. Botley has shown clearly that there are methods of interaction which extend beyond the world of apps and screens we have all but become fixated with

2. Simplification is King : If 5 year old children can learn to code, then quite clearly there is an opportunity to simplify our product offerings?

3. Solving a Problem needs imagination - Infento has solved an age old problem for parents and converted it into an exciting option for children! It's all about perspective.

Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash

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