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Jun 09, 2019 in Marketing
Posted By : Upendra Namburi


A great sales pitch can get you business, funding and consumers. At ideaearth, we allow you to make pitches to organizations, investors and mentors, in an all new format!

When you visit a hub, you'll see that Pitch button. When you click on it, that's your golden opportunity.

How can you pitch on ideaearth?

1. Click on the Pitch button

2. Select from over 300 +categories, to classify your pitch

3. Attach an image

4. And, then pitch, using the broad template guidelines provided below. Remember, a great pitch should take less than 2 minutes to read.

This pitch has been created for a HR tech (fictitious) organization which is addressing the opportunity of blue collar hiring.

The Problem / Opportunity:

We are solving for the time and cost involved in recruitment of blue collar workers across India. It usually takes over 70% of a month’s salary cost to hire a blue collar worker

Indian enterprises have a fresh hiring of over 20 million blue collar workers for construction and infrastructure projects alone. Our solution, has been proven to address that requirement, effectively.


Business & Customer Proposition

We would like to reduce the cost of hiring by over 50% and time to hire by 60% with our solution. Our main target customers are infrastructure and construction organizations.

Our website & Other Links



We have developed an AI tool which enables organizations to identify and pre-select potential candidates, matching the organizations requirements with the workers skill sets, competencies, location, cost and other variables.

We also verify the identity and criminal records of the candidates, prior to recommending to the organization


The Team

Comprises 3 co founders from IT, Analytics and sales backgrounds. The core team has a cumulative experience of over 20 years and this is our fist start up.

We have 23 employees, half in tech and operations and the other half in sales and support functions.


What’s the Edge?

There are only two players in India who are in this market space using AI, but our hiring performance has been consistently better than the other two players.



Our head office is in Bengaluru, Karnataka


Current Status & Key Business Metrics

We were formed in 2017 and have been in operation since June 2018. We have 22 corporate clients and have successfully placed 32,000 personnel across India and Middle East

We have been generating revenues and have been cash flow positive in the last two months of operation.

About Us

Just Add your ideaearth organization url eg. Your potential customers / investors can access all the details they may require to better understand your organization, in a snapshot.

Feel free to add videos, images and add a copy of your company presentation as well, in the attachment section!

We've created a demo hub for you, to test it out as well. 

Pitch Away!

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