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Start Date:   Jun 02, 2019  -   End Date:   Jul 14, 2019

Challenge Description:

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What is Medicinal Non-Adherance?

Not taking medicines (medicinal non-adherance) results in over 200,000* deaths each year. It costs the global economy over 200 billion* USD every year, with additional healthcare costs and loss of income.

This would include medicines for life-threatening diseases like cancer & AIDS, and lifestyle diseases like diabetes & hypertension. 

Medicinal non-adherance impacts children, adults and the elderly.

Ideaearth invites innovative ideas & solutions to solve this global challenge!

Why don’t patients take medicines?

There are many reasons. 

Fear of potential side effects.

No Immediate Benefit observed

Lack of clear visible symptoms

Too many medications and confusing

Concerns on becoming dependent


Mistrust on the doctor or misinformation on the Internet

Taste’s horrible

Inertia & Habit Formation, taking time integrate into their daily routines &

High costs

This may have happened with someone close to you. Just look around you. There could be family members and friends who aren’t taking their medicines either, which could impact their lives!

If you’d like to know more about Medicinal Non-Adherance, click here.

What’s different in this Challenge?

For every idea received, ideaearth will make a contribution towards a child’s meals for a day @Sphoorti Foundation. 

How can you Participate in this challenge?

Share an idea or solution on how we can help people -  

a. Take their medicines on time & 

b. Complete their prescribed courses.

The idea could be for children, adults or even the elderly, or your idea may just work for all.

Share a note, a document, a voice note or even a video. It’s the idea that counts!

Just create your user id on ideaearth. Please ensure to update your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin handles in your user profiles. And click on the respond button.

What else can you do?

You can tag friends and family who can contribute to solving this problem. Remember, the higher the participation, the more opportunities to find a solution for this problem. And, of course, your good deed can help nourish a child! Use the hashtags #dontstopyourmeds #ideafeedsachild

Prize Details:

What will the Winner receive?

The winner will receive an Amazon Echo! The winner can also choose to transfer the value of the prize to Sphoorti Foundation.

For every idea submitted, Ideaearth will sponsor a child’s meals for a day! Yes. Your idea can sponsor a child’s meals for an entire day. The donations would be made to Sphoorti Foundation, and the children they lovingly care for.

So, you're all winners!

How will the winner be selected?

A panel of experts appointed by ideaearth, would review the idea and select the best idea/s. The winner will be recognized in a whitepaper published by ideaearth.

Terms & Conditions:

Terms and conditions for Ideaearth challenges


Response submitted by the Participant/s will be evaluated by the jury panel appointed by Ideaearth.

The Jury's decision on the selection of winner(s) will be final and binding on all the Participant/s. No correspondence, clarification, explanation in this regard will be entertained by Ideaearth. Any person or participant carrying out any correspondence or clarification or tweeting or posting any negative comments about the decision of the Jury shall be liable to Ideaearth.

The Participants can post a maximum of 3 entries each, shall not be use multiple IDs to participate in the same challenge. Any single participant found using or participating through multiple IDs in the challenge may be disqualified and shall not be entitled to win any prizes 

The jury panel has the sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of the Challenge rules, including but not limited to selection of winner, disqualification of winner and suspension of response(s) or Participants.

Ideaearth reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions or participation mechanics of the Challenge at any point of time at its sole discretion without serving any prior intimation to the Participants. Intimation of any change, modification, addition, deletion in the terms and condition of the Challenge will be served to the participation by posting the revised terms and condition of the Challenge on Ideaearth portal/social platforms.

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