Open Innovation Hub - Demo Purposes Only

Open Innovation Hub - Demo Purposes Only

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A Hub is a unique tool which allows you to collaborate and innovate with team members and external solution providers. The three basic use cases are :

1. A Collaboration Tool : For your internal ideation & innovation initiatives. You can use the features of ideas, questions, requirements and challenges to solve complex problems or just share innovative stuff you've come across with fellow hub members - colleagues, partners, customers.

2. Receive Pitches from innovators & solution providers - Yes! A pitch is a proposal outline to a brand with an innovative product, service or even idea. A pitch is a brief overview which allows the brand to understand quickly what the idea is about and how it could benefit them. You need not be a member of the hub to make a pitch!

Making a Pitch is simple. 

1. Click on the Pitch button

2. Select an Idea category, from over 300 categories

3. Draft your pitch with the following sections - The Problem / Opportunity; Proposition Outline; How?; The Solution Differentiator / Edge?; About The Team; Your Office Locations; Key Business Metrics, and Your Ideaearth Organization url.

4. You may attach any supporting documents as well (upto Max 2 MB)

If you'd like to see some sample pitches, join this hub and check them out.

For Hub Members - You can see the pitches, mapped into over 300 categories, which can be viewed by you, anytime, anywhere. You can share your queries with the ideators, via the comments section in the posted idea. And, when you're ready, just ping them to catch up with you. 

Now, you won't need to hunt for that solution on your email box. And all the hub members can access and interact with the ideators, anytime, anywhere.

3. Co-Create a product with your colleagues, customers & partners.- You can involve them all, in your ideation, prototyping, research and development purposes in your product or process development journey. Many great brands around the world adopt this method.

Check out how Lego uses this method to launch world class products, consistently, with their customers.

You can share your hub address with your colleagues and partners as well.

We are sure you'll enjoy this new form of innovation and collaboration.