Tata Innoverse Start-O-Sphere

Tata Innoverse Start-O-Sphere

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Tata companies continue to increase their pace of innovation. Tata Innoverse – the Open Innovation platform is one such effort that is attempting to engage with global talent to solve the known challenges of our companies.

We invite global startups and technologists to showcase their technologies, products or services which will either serve as a solution to our problems or open new opportunities.

Below are some of the areas that surely interest us but we are open to hear on other areas as well.

Pitch - Just present your solution overview, and if we are excited, we will contact you through the Ideaearth platform itself. 

Join - Only select Tata Innoverse employees can join this hub currently.

Tips for Pitching

1. Click on the Pitch button

2. Select an Idea category

3. Draft your pitch with the following sections - The Problem / Opportunity; Proposition Outline; How?; The Solution Differentiator / Edge?; About The Team; Your Office Locations; Key Business Metrics, and Your Ideaearth Organization url.

4. You may attach any supporting documents as well (upto Max 2 MB)

Notes : Your organizations needs to be registered on the Ideaearth Platform The Admin may edit the pitch to make it clearer and ensure all details have been provided in the template